This is one of the most genuinely surprising, exciting and interesting listens we’ve has here at MOSH for some time. In a genre teeming with talent, King Goat have raised the bar. There’s so much going on here, there’s genuinely something to cater to all tastes, but the ‘kitchen sink’ approach doesn’t detract from the overall sound of the album. King Goat might have just opened up their Conduit to greatness. (9/10) - MOSH

There is a real sense of the epic to the song writing, which is helped by a really excellent production that has plenty of warmth and immediacy. All in all, a really great release, and for once, it seems that the hounds of social media may have a point: King Goat ARE good. (8/10) - Ave Noctum, Chris Davison

King Goat Biography

Forming in 2012, Brighton’s King Goat quickly deviated from their initial aim to be a traditional sounding band. With a vast range of influences, both inside and outside of metal, King Goat’s sound started to take on a much more progressive bent. King Goat released two well-received EPs in 2013 and 2014 before the highly anticipated release of their debut album, Conduit, in March 2016, the critical response to which has been overwhelmingly positive.

While continuing to progress in the studio, King Goat have been bringing their spellbinding stage show to venues across the UK, including a packed out New Blood tent at Bloodstock Open Air, Mammothfest, Doom Over London IV; shows with Enslaved, Grand Magus, Jex Thoth, Witchsorrow and many others.

In 2016 King Goat continue this trend and expand further across the UK and europe after a triumphant return to Doom over London, for the sixth edition; King Goat will be heading to Leofest, to Somatic Death Festival, and to the Camden Underworld, in support of Primitive Man; with more shows still to announce throughout the year. Looking ever forward, King Goat are already booked to perform at Doom Over Edinburgh festival in 2017, which will likely be in the lead up to album number two!
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